Our Team

CEO/Program Director - Diana Pineda


Diana Pineda is the Founder of VUELA for Health (2018) and Co-Founder of CREAResults (2013).  As an immigrant Mexicana who is raising two bicultural girls, she understands that fostering safe, supportive, happy and healthy environments at home are imperative for youth success.  Her aim is to empower immigrant families through education, skills building, increasing knowledge and understanding, economic security, and increasing health equity as well as facilitating the intergration of immigrant families into their communitites.  As a strong woman who earned her degree in business administration, she has continued her education through multiple trainings on NLP, Gestalt psychology, leadership, patient navigation, as well as certifications in health diseases focused on the Latino community. Diana continues to be a hands on Executive Director who serves the role of Program Director and works alongside the Promotoras to engage, educate, and support emerging leaders.  Diana has been a Health promoter for over 12 years, in addition to overseeing the coordination and training of a team of more than 15 health promoters. For 2 years, she has been the co-host of a weekly Radio program on 1150 am "Talk about health".  

Promotores de Salud


Team of 14 Health Promoters with more than 15 years of experience

Olivia Tiscareno

Maria Elena Rivera

Diane Medina

Linda Smith

Leticia Luna

Monica Duran

Maribel  Olivas

Diana Pineda

Ivonne Gutierrez

Yoli Casas

Magda Ortiz

Guadalupe Sanchez

Yaeel Duarte

Francisca Luna