Health and Physical Wellness



In Collaboration with the Colorado Prevention Center for the last 8 years. We have graduated thousands of participants with the CHARLAR knowledge necessary to "Reduce the risk of heart problems in the Latino Community."

11 FREE sessions to help you reduce your risk for heart problems.  

√ Eat and cook healthier  

√ Purchase healthy foods on any budget 

√ Read and understand food labels 

√ Make physical activity easy and fun 

√ Help people quit smoking  

FREE screening for blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and a personal heart health profile.

Vuela con Salud - Diabetes Prevention Program


In Collaboration with Denver Health for the past 5 years, we have graduated over 1,500 participants in DPP program.  in 2018 we gained CDC recognition.  Diabetes Prevention Program is the solution

We start with a 16 week group based class to help participants:

 √ Eat healthier 

 √ Lose weight

 √Cooking Classes

  √Physical Activity FREE classes for all levels  

 √A1C FREE test

Cohorts start at different times during the year.  We highly recommend potential participants call us.

Playing together - Jugando Juntos


In Collaboration with "ViVe Wellness" , we offer weekly Family Physical Activity Classes and Family events in many communities.

√ Physical Activities - Classes for all levels of Fitness and ages.

√ Proper Exercise Techniques

√ All components of Physical Wellness

Cardiovascular, Muscular, Flexibility

√ Offered through the community in schools, Churches, community organizations

√ Spanish or English

Families that play together see improvements in social and emotional bonds in addition to improved health

Cooking Classes


A multi-year partnership with over 1,200 families assisted.  A 6 week curriculum offered in community.

√ Cooking for Adults

√ Cooking for families

√ Cooking for childcare providers

√ Offered through schools, Churches, and a variety of community organizations.

√ Virtual tour

√ Spanish or English

Healthy eating can be achieved on a budget. 

Mental Health & Communication

Comunication is the Key - Comunicacion es la clave


In collaboration with Mental Health Center Denver, we offer a short 2 to 4 hour presentation for Latinos on how to talk to kids.  Our curriculum is based off of the Youth Mental Health First Aid curriculum.  A strong emphasis on positive communication and cultural relevancy.

√ Teaches you how to identify life stressors, Depression, Anxiety.

√  Suicide Prevention sessions

√ Referrals to interventions and clinics 

√ Offered through the community in schools, Churches, community organizations.

√ Spanish or English

Youth Mental Health First Aid


Designed for adults who regulary interact with youth, YMHFA is the help that youth can access when experiencing a mental health challenge, mental disorder or a mental health crisis.  YMHFA does not teach people to diagnose or provide treatment, it builds skills and knowledge to serve as first responders until approriate help is received.  

The 8 hour curriculum Includes:

 √ Common Mental Health challenges faced by youth

 √ Reviews adolescent development

 √ Teaches 5-step action plan

 √ Includes anxiety, depression, substance use, psychosis disorders, disruptive behavior disorders and eating disorders.

Familias Fuertes


In partnership with the City of Denver Safety Department, Familias Fuertes is derived from the University of Iowas Strengthening Families Program.  The family-based universal prevention program fosters a safe and positive environment within Latino families to support youth in resisting peer pressure and avoiding risky behaviors.

The 11 session curriculum includes:

 √ Helping parents/caregivers to learn nurturing skills

 √ Teachers parents/caregivers effective discipline

 √ Gives Youth an increased appreciation of their parent/caregivers

 √ Teaches youth skills

 √ Imporves families conflict resolution and communication skills

Focus on Women

Breast Cancer Awareness


In collaboration with Susan G Komen Colorado over the last 5 years we have completed more that 4,000 mammograms,  offered education and referral to over 10,000 Latina women

√ 60 minute workshop in a community places such as center, school, church 

Or a,

√ 20 minute education and referral over the telephone.

√ Know your risk

√ Know your breast

√ When, why and where we need to go for our Physical exam and/or Mammogram

√  Taking care of you is taking care of your family 

Cervical Cancer Awareness


In collaboration with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment we work to target community specific outreach in cancer prevention and early detection.

 √  Event participation to engage with community

√  20 minute education and referrals sessions over the phone

 √  Know your risk

 √  When, why and where we need to go for Papsmears

 √  Cultural Component addressing preventive care

 √  Taking care of you is taking care of your family  

Ambassadors - Leadership


Our Ambassador program is a community informed leadership program designed to cultivate leaders to impact health disparities and Latino parent involvement in their communities.  Completely in Spanish.  We focus on providing a welcoming environment for all particpants that is culturally approriate.

√   Education components on various health issues impacting Latino and Latinx youth

√   Training on advocacy within local systems

√   Linkage of participants to community networks

√  Support with special projects in community settings 

More Services


Fortalece tu futuro

Annual Conference that brings Latinas who are Spanish speaking and in ther majority immigrants to work together on physical, emotional wellness and personal development. Following our Theme" "Healthy Parents-Healthy Kids".


Radio Program - Hablemos de Salud

In colaboration with Rodolfo Cardenas and 1150am, we offer educational programs on 1150am. Fridays at 7:20am  Latino engagement requires models that have a multi-touch approach.  Radio programming allows multiple touches to multiple homes and work environments.