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VUELA’s mission is to mobilize and engage parents by offering education, resources, and support that strengthen their sense of self-worth, and promote a healthy change in their families and communities. 

VUELA’s primary objective is to engage the Latino community through strategic partnerships that build leadership, promote public health, and foster economic, environmental, and social well-being. A team of Promotoras, passionate cultural and linguistic liaisons who advocate on behalf of the community and build trust between community members and local service agencies, drive its work. Promotoras implement programs designed to address health issues that are preventable through small changes in daily habits.   

VUELA provides health information/resources to help community members access services including but not limited to: nutrition, physical activity, obesity, heart disease, cancer, sexual health, child health, mental health, substance abuse, domestic and intimate partner violence, injury prevention, and access to health services.   VUELA serves all ages, targeting communities that have the greatest barriers to accessing health care, whether due to lack of awareness, language or socioeconomic barriers, lack of health coverage or mobility/transportation barriers.  

VUELA's  Leadership and Team of Promotoras de Salud/Community Health Workers (Promotoras) have over 10 years working together and creating healthy environments.

Families playing and working together.


Your support helps us provide services around Cardiovascular disease, diabetes prevention, physical activity, cooking and shopping skills, leadership, Youth Mental health First Aid, Strengthening Families and so much more!

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Vuela for Health

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